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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Reconnecting Life Healing Embassy. holds at the center of its mission to proclaim Christ, to bring people to know him, to take Christ into the world, to provide a place for public worship, religious training and education where this can occur, and to otherwise encourage and aid the growth, nurture, and spread of the Christian religion, and to render Christian service, both material and spiritual to the sick, the aged, the homeless and the needy, as the Lord directs. In carrying out such purposes, to serve the Reconnecting Life Healing Embassy.

Our Story

Reconnecting Life Healing Embassy. is a family of believers with an objective to connect love, hope, strength, and trust back to Life. Reconnecting Life Healing Embassy .is dedicated to bridging the gap between resources and family. The goal of Reconnecting Life Healing Embassy. is to make disciples who are trained, equipped, and commissioned to make a stronger global impact.

Meet The Founder

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