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Brenda has developed a reputation for presenting impactful seminars and conferences that empowers the whole man. They include the following:

Leaders In Training Course 2011: A focus on Hearing the Voice of God in clarity. This three month course was highlighted by a weekly study that examined the unlimited ways in which the Spirit can express. The four ways include: through a verbal declaration where your voice is the instrument, through a visible recognition where your eyes are the instrument, through an emotional impression where your subjected emotions are the instrument, and lastly, through audible hearing where the mature inner ear is the instrument.

In 2011, Brenda had the privilege of releasing her first training manual, called The 21-Day Word Infusion Affirmation Program. The manual’s focus is to teach new converts, as well as standing believers, to apply the Word of God to every area of their lives.

S.I.N.G. Empowerment Seminar 2012: The focus was providing strategies and resources that stressed the importance of home security through ownership, financial stability through investments, mental stability through having wise counsel, and self-maintenance through yearly vacation.

Ascension Conference 2013: The focus was on gathering Prophetic Voices from near and far in order to affirm not just the voice of the Prophet but the life of the Prophet, as well. This Conference examined the impression that God desires to make on the earth through the expressions of His Prophetic voices.

Raising the Vibration Conference 2014: The focus was on teaching strategies to encourage believers to launch a forceful takeover concerning their families, churches, and communities at-large by not waiting on God to do what he has already empowered us to do.

The Launching 2015: The focus was on empowering leaders to start from where they were standing. This could be accomplished by using the resources that had been afforded them. Duplication called for a greater harvest of souls and resources.

The Issue Release Party 2016: The focus was on discovering the importance of being able to target the issue through discovery, how to fight from the position of a winner, and speaking out, regaining the voice needed to celebrate the present life given.

2016 Ministry Launch of Reconnection Life Fellowship: The focus was on introducing Reconnection Life Fellowship (RLF). RLF is a family of believers whose objective is to see a connection of love, hope, strength, and trust back to the experience called life.

The Freedom Release Conference 2017: The focus was on empowering attendees with the skill set needed to have balance, peace, and harmony in all aspects of life. This conference was designed with several hands on activities with the purpose of igniting self-provoking thoughts that encouraged inward change with an outward measurable result.

Brenda Henton-Price was ordained in Little Rock, Arkansas as Apostle Brenda Henton-Price on June 5, 2011 by Chief Apostle Dr. Lawrence E. Braggs. He is the CEO and Founder of the Awareness Center International. There, Brenda served faithfully for fifteen years as Youth Pastor, Associate Minister, and finally, as Lead Assistant Pastor until her long awaited elevation.

On April 21, 2018, Brenda received her honorary Doctor of Divinity and Christian Theology degree from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Florida.

With her 15 years of experience in inspiration and motivation, Brenda is not just qualified but very passionate about motivating others to reach their individual potential by bringing exposure to the natural gifts and the beneficial qualities that lie within. Brenda is the Founder and Executive Director of The S.I.N.G. (Sound Inspirations Nurturing Goals) Empowerment Group, and through the efforts of this organization, she prides herself in building leaders for a better tomorrow. Brenda was honored in September 2013 to take a Men’s and Women’s Seminar into the Little Rock and Qutita Job Corps Center where she presented a two-day multi-faceted enrichment program designed to empower students with skills needed to take immediate control over their physical, financial, emotional, and mental destiny and to ensure that they would become greater contributors to their community at large.

Brenda, aka Lady B, is the proud host of A Heart’s View Radio Show. This is a weekly internet radio show that targets issues that challenge the morals, values, and principles of our society. The platform of this radio show is dedicated to presenting dialogue that awakens individuals’ potential to take action.

Brenda Henton-Price is the proud mother of four blessed children. It is her desire to launch a Word filled worship campaign that fulfills the scripture, Amos 9:11, which states, "In that day I will restore again the tabernacle of David and repair all of his ruins." She endeavors to reside in the Throne Room while ushering others in, behind the veil, to the very presence of God.

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