Results of Energy Healing:
          You will feel very relaxed and much lighter!
          Become more energized and more alive!
          Naturally get rid of sadness, anxiety, anger, stress, 
               pain, and all forms of negative energy and blockages!
​          Your mind will become more calm and clear! 
          Heal all emotional wounds and burdens, within!
          Become the real you! And, have fresh beginnings!
​          Live a more healthy lifestyle! 
          Perceive the truth more quickly!
          Feel a wholesome connection with yourself!
          Live more within the moment, and be more aware!
          Forgive others and yourself by letting go!          
          Connect more with your true purpose in life! 
          Heal faster from injury or surgery!           
          Prevent disease, and diminish disease!
          And, so much more!

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Feel Much Lighter, Very Relaxed, and Uplifted with Natural Healing!!
All natural healing services are for all adults, adolescence, and children 
who are ready to have their inner-freedom back! 
             Your natural healing will be peaceful and very relaxing!

Release all anger, anxiety, sadness, tension, resentment, pain, guilt, and all negative energy! 

Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D.
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Oh, that's so relaxing! I feel calm, peaceful, productive, better mind is more focused and more calm..-K.P. 

" I feel stronger! I feel lighter like much lighter! I feel at peace and really calm and just in the moment. My mind is definitely more calm. My hips and lower back feel so much better! " -S.K.